California celebrity watchers may be interested to learn that rapper DMX, whose real name is Earl Simmons, was taken into police custody in New York for failing to pay child support on June 27. He was reportedly about to go on stage at Radio City Music Hall when he was arrested.

It appeared that the rapper owed about $400,000 in unpaid child support. Additionally, there was reportedly a warrant issued by a New Jersey city for a robbery complaint and for bail jumping.The rapper’s management company reportedly did not have a response to the incident.

When a child is born, the parent who does not have custody may be held responsible for paying a certain amount in child support to the custodial parent. Usually, the amount is based on guidelines that have been established by the state. This child support can be used to help cover many costs associated with raising a child, including medical expenses, school tuition and clothing, food and shelter costs.

There are instances where a non-custodial parent may avoid paying the child support costs they were ordered to pay. In these cases, the custodial parent’s attorney may assist by working with the court to obtain the child support that is owed. Depending on the circumstances, the noncustodial parent’s wages may be garnished or their income tax returns intercepted. Those who are legitimately unable to meet their obligations due to an unforeseen change in financial circumstances, however, may wish to obtain the assistance of an attorney in seeking a modification of the order.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Rapper DMX Arrested In NYC Over Unpaid Child Support”, Associated Press, June 27, 2015